Centerpieces in LED and neon for events and parties

Centerpieces in LED and neon for events and parties

Give your guests something to talk about by designing a perfect setting for every moment that matters. We offer various types of neon lights, LED lights, and centerpieces to complement your special occasion. All our products are of top-notch quality, which is why we rank high in Adelaide, Australia as the only firm that delivers both LED and Neon lights simultaneously.

Baru events and party supplies specializes in centerpieces, glasses, Led balls, and complete lighting decoration. We also have a collection of trendy centerpieces for hire that will blend in with your event and add a decorative touch. Our extensive range suits nearly all occasions, from night parties to weddings and corporate events.

What's even better? We rent our centerpieces and LED lights at a reasonable price, so you don't have to be concerned if you're on a tight budget. Our services integrate all the supplies needed for a beautiful, stress-free party or event. And since we are a full service event and party supplies company, we deliver professional event planning services. We can either plan and execute your occasion or work jointly with your event managers to make your event a success.


Our LED and Neon Lights

Our collection of LED and Neon lights for rent can provide ambience and instantly add uniqueness to any setting. They have automation controls, so you can dim and illuminate at the comfort of your venue to add drama and emotion precisely when needed. Here are some of the LED lights we rent out at pocket-friendly prices.



Our high-quality LED lights come with an unmatched color rendering index, so you can be confident that there are no surprises at your party or event.


Our Centerpieces 

Are you planning to crown your event with a downright attention grabber? Look no further: our extensive range of LED and neon centerpieces will do the trick. We rent out and sell fashionable centerpieces at affordable rates, So you don't have to devour your decoration budget to make your event a success.

We understand that unattractive tables can compromise your guest's interests and comfort levels. That's why we offer you quality centerpieces to help augment the decor of the overall event. We at Baru events and party supplies take pride in our innovative centerpieces that will indeed indulge your guests in in-depth talks regarding the concept behind these supplies.

So whether you're planning a wedding, dinner, professional conference, or party, you are confident to take heed of your party table's decor, courtesy of our LED and Neon centerpieces.


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