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LED light under table (multicolor) light base for the table with remote control FOR RENT in Australia

LED light under table (multicolor) light base for the table with remote control FOR RENT in Australia

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LED under table light for party for rent in Australia

Super Bright led light for tables and  general decoration . FOR RENT

Transform your outdoor or indoor space with this fun and funky colour changing  decoration Light.

There're 16 colors of lighting available. It can work wireless.  
It can be put under wedding banquet table to illuminate the table cover. This led light is mainly used for Event decoration or party decoration, wedding decoration ,Bar, Hotel, Club , Coffee House, Garden or Family decoration

Use for weddings, Anniversaries, graduations, Birthdays and more

RGB 16 colors, switch and remote control. Use for outdoor, garden, home, hotel, party, bar  and tables

-PE material outside, easy to installation. safety for children and adult, bright, soft color, romantic.
-Rechargeable battery. rechargeable 4-6hours can work 8-12hours
-Multi colors change & color selection, 16 colors available.

-Material: PE
-Light source:SMD5050 Epistar LED
-Quantity of led:6pcs/12pcs/18pcs/24pcs RGBW LED
-Rechargeable:Li-Battery 2200mAh

working 8-12 hours.

Quantity Available: 9

Price : Au 25 each

The product is only available for rent (Please see the Terms and Conditions to rent products with us) for the COVID -19 crisis you need to send a message to us to confirm the day and booking.

Available for Adelaide SA

For more information please send me a message ( it is already for pick it up)


What it feels like to be In It?

Do you like seeing bright colors, loud music, and flashing lights? Do you enjoy being around people who are happy and having a good time? If so, then you might love going to a neon party. These types of parties involve many neon-colored venders selling brightly colored items such as neon candies, neon clothing, and neon accessories. The reason these parties are called neon parties is because the venders dress up their stalls with bright neon light decorations. This supply will give you an idea of what it’s like to be at a neon party so that if ever the opportunity arises you can have some fun!

LED party supplies for rent in Adelaide

Neon is the new black; this scent, color and feel are now synonymous with celebrations, clubs and raves. But while neon may be a key player in the past few years’s raving-style party trend, how many people really know what it feels like to be in a neon party? After all, you’re not just going to a club or a rave because you like the color scheme or music. You’re going because of the atmosphere and energy that is unique to these venues. If you want to experience what it feels like to be in a neon party we have the supplies you need to.


Light up party supplies for rent in Adelaide

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